Before the move

Assess the need for packing and unpacking services
Hire a mover (get onsite estimates); set pack and move dates
Create move timeline
Obtain supplies (boxes or crates, packing tape, labels, markers, filler)
Identify destinations for items (storage, sell/give away, toss, which new offices)
Set up removable label system; code items by destination
Order new stationery

Notify others of address change

Post office
Bank, other suppliers; customers; media contacts
Utilities; telephone company
Hire cleaning service for both locations
Plan for computers, equipment, and network connections in new location
Make sure insurance is in place to cover items during move

After the move

Unpack and put away all items
Hang pictures
Felt feet on the bottoms of furniture on wood flooring
Install toilet paper, paper towels, filtered water, cleaning supplies




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