Success stories

Office moves without missing a beat

I read about Squared Away in the local business journal just as my assistant was arranging for our entire organization to move to new office space. I decided to bring in Squared Away to help in my office. Squared Away convinced me to unload some of the many papers I had accumulated during my years as a business owner and philanthropist. Working with an energetic, knowledgeable outsider helped me make rapid decisions about which files to toss, archive, or, least often, move to my new office.

The movers came on a Saturday, and Squared Away came back in that Sunday. Squared Away unpacked more than 15 boxes and set up my desk, bookshelves, and credenza. On Monday morning I walked into my new office and could immediately begin doing business as usual. Talk about hitting the ground running!

Physician-researcher benefits from fresh perspective

Squared Away helps me see things from an objective outsider's perspective. Sometimes I call them in for a consult, to use them as a sounding board when I'm wrestling with a decision. Other times Squared Away has helped me with overhaul my office organizing systems.

I brought Squared Away down the hall to see my colleague's office. It was all clear surfaces, carefully lit with desk and floor lamps. I said, "I want my office to look like that." Working with Squared Away, I throw away many more papers, journals, and emails than I can alone, and it all goes much faster. After just a few hours, presto, my office is transformed.

Filing system no longer a black hole

As executive assistant to a vice president at a prestigious private college, I used to experience each day as a series of interruptions. No matter how early I came in, I was besieged with phone calls, scheduling changes, and urgent requests. I had no time to tend to the large and complex filing system for which I was responsible. When I wasted two frustrating hours one day searching for an article my boss wanted, I knew I needed help.

Squared Away revamped our entire filing system. I can find any paper I need in minutes. The computerized file index they created puts the whole system at my fingertips. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Busy executive makes it look easy

Squared Away keeps me organized. Every month or so, I have them come back in. They file away all my mail and other papers; put the meeting minutes for my current projects and committee work into binders; keep my magazines and journals current; and set up folders for upcoming meetings, trips, and other events I plan to attend or speak at. In short, they enable me to do my job without wasting time. I'd be buried without them.

Overwhelmed worker gets out from under

When I found myself feeling so overwhelmed that I didn't want to start the day, I knew it was time to get help. I worked with other organizers before I found Squared Away. Squared Away has done more than redesign my filing system. They're willing to complete tasks on my to do list: adding items to my calendar and address book, sending faxes, calling to sort out communication snags, showing me how to use my computer, and compiling information for my accountant.

Having someone else working with me makes me productive and effective rather than stymied and aimless. Left to my own devices, I could wander around my office all day and not get anything done. Having Squared Away come in provides structure and enables me to work at my peak, getting a great deal more done than I used to.



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