Organizing your car

Carry a spare ignition key in your wallet in case you are locked out

Keep in your car

Glove compartment: registration, auto club card, insurance company phone number, pen, paper, maps, flashlight and batteries, sunglasses, business cards
Trunk: flares, blanket, tire-changing and other tools, snow brush/scraper, collapsible shovel, sand, booster cables, gloves, hat, sweatshirt, windshield washer fluid
Back seat caddy: upholstery cleaner, roll of paper towels, wipes, water, and, if needed, plastic box containing paper clips, stapler, staple remover, markers, highlighters, pens
Keep your change holder stocked with quarters for parking meters
Invest in a highway toll payment transponder like EZPass or Fast Lane; set up automatic account replenishment
Hang a mesh or nylon bag over the back of front seat for magazines, books, tissues, and toys
Hang sunshades on windows to protect children from glare
Use cardboard reflector on the dashboard to keep sun out while car is parked
Use a clean blackboard eraser to remove condensation from inside windows




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